This is where I work...

A little about myself

My name is James Hamann. I've been working in freelance web design with New Culture Media, a digital marketing company, since 2012. I have developed a passion in this field for every step of the process. From the initial client meetings and creative brainstorming, to the implemenatation of dynamic and responsive site designs, all the way to the continued maintenance and content generation, I seek to provide a level of quality that distinguishes me from the crowd. It's not just a job for me, it's fun! I hope this portfolio can help translate my passion past the 2D text and images on the screen.

The Future

While I love the flexibility of freelance, I am looking for a position with more stability. I'm married to a hard-working nurse and we have a beautiful baby boy. We are seeking to change the dynamic so she can spend more time with our son and I can work more. If you are viewing this portfolio and are looking to fill a position on your web team definitely reach out to me. I'm always open to more freelance work, or to answer any questions you have.

See some examples

A snapshot of the skills I've developed

  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Proficient in using the Wordpress CMS platform
  • Proficient in managing hosting platforms, working with shared hosting platforms e.g. GoDaddy
  • Proficient in SEO, both in new content generation and integration into old content
  • Proficient in site troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Proficient in social media marketing and integration into dynamic site frameworks
  • Proficient in blog generation and maintenance
  • Proficient in photo editing software (Photoshop, Gimp)
  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro 7 video editing software
  • Proficient in logo creation
  • Working knowledge of PHP coding language
  • Working knowledge of MySQL coding language

Web Development

Here are a few samples of my work. I've tried to include a diverse set of examples to show my range as a developer.

Video Marketing

If I've learned one thing in my experience with marketing it's that people will choose to watch a video over reading text 9/10 times. Here's some examples of videos I've done.

Contact Me

Reach out to me if you want to see more samples of my work, or if you have your own work for me, or if you are looking for a new member for your team. I'd love to be of service.

James Hamann
Web Developer